Gender Discrimination : The Glass Ceiling Affect Gender Groups, Stereotyping, And Discrimination

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INTRODUCTION: Women workers in the prime working ages of 26 to 59 make only 38 percent of what prime-age men earn,(Marley S. Weiss, 2007, page 64). Discrimination against gender is very common in the workplace. The purpose of this explanatory research is to discuss the discrimination women face in society and the workforce as well as the challenges faced by marital status. The sociological theories on the macro level that will be used to analyze this subject include; the conflict perspective theory, the feminist theory and the functionalist perspective. On this topic of discrimination, the research done will discuss the concepts of double jeopardy, affirmative action, the glass ceiling affect, gender groups, stereotyping, and discrimination. Women have been experiencing discrimination in society for a long time and this is mainly due to stereotyping. Because of this discrimination women are not able to succeed to their fullest potential due to the unfair treatment they receive. In order for women to receive equal rights, they must fight for them. Many factors in which women are discriminated would include; unequal pay in the workforce solely based on gender not on women’s qualifications, home responsibilities in which women are stereotyped to do certain chores, and also challenges faced by marital status.
While it is encouraged for men to pursue female roles, and encouraged of women to pursue male roles, males typically are not as effective at pursuing this…
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