Gender Discrimination and Nursing

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Now in days you see more males nurses than before, in the nursing field. Having male nurses can be beneficial, but then again some people tend to refuse them. The public know male nurses as to not being productive or effective as female nurses. Others think the opposite; perhaps they have experienced a bond with male nurses. Male nurses can make certain patients feel comfortable. In some cases men are necessary when nurses need that extra physical strength. Also it may seem stereotype, but men tend to be less attractive to gossip. Men nurses tend to miss less work days than female nurses. All of these points are beneficial to the nurse field, on the other hand, there also some disadvantages for men when it comes to being a nurse.…show more content…
Just like there is male doctors in ever field there should be male nurses. On the other hand some female patients, male patients, and even old ladies would only want a female nurse. Males are known as being rough. Female nurses are known to be caring. Patient’s main reason is usually intimate care (Duffin, 2009). Also in a gynecological visit, come to think most gynecologists are men (Duffin, 2009). The fact that they see a male nurse changes their way of thinking. When it comes to physical strength male nurses are well needed. Males are usually stronger which can really help with immobile patients. Many patients are bed bond, unable to move and may be difficult to move them. As men have more strength than woman, it benefits female nurses to rely on male nurses to move a patient or even to move medical equipment. I work in the medical field as a medical assistant and we have a male medical assistant. It's a pediatric office; therefore we are constantly giving vaccines. Usually children are scare of needles, and you always need that strong person to hold down your patient. Also there are many young men and sometimes they ask for him just because he is a male. So having him actually is a benefit to the office. The only bad thing with this is that some facilities might have that just one male nurse for physical strength, and might just utilize him in that area. It is common to hear that most women like to gossip. It can be about a patient, coworker, or even their personal

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