Gender Diversity Case Study

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Diversity can be defined as the differences among the people working in the same workplace. Those differences can be related to gender, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, culture or personalities.
Managing diversity within organisation is about ‘recognising this range of differences in people and valuing people as individuals, respecting their differences and their differing needs. It is also about accommodating differences wherever possible so that an individual can play a full part in the working environment’ (Daniels and Macdonald, 2005)
The increase of the number of women entering the workplace, especially those issued from higher education has resulted in a movement of change within businesses,
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The company promotes and encourages different programs and networks such as: cross-cultural programs, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network, Employee resource groups (ERGs), special programs for Persons with Disabilities and for women.
In February 2003, Accenture formally established a Global Inclusion & Diversity corporate function to provide strategic guidance and support for Accenture’s diversity programs and activities in countries around the world, and to promote a discrimination-free and harassment-free work environment for all employees.
Moreover, in each of Accenture’s geographies, an executive serves as Human Capital and Diversity geographic lead with the responsibility of creating programs that are meaningful to employees, communities and clients around the world.
Two additional governance bodies complement the work of this team: the Accenture Diversity Council, which makes decisions regarding inclusion and diversity globally; and the Diversity Advisory Forum, which recommends innovative approaches to the company’s diversity initiatives.
Finally, and in order to support all these efforts, Accenture provides training about inclusion and diversity to its workforce. The training is divided into three areas: Diversity Awareness, Diversity Management and Professional Development

II – Analysis of gender diversity in Accenture
Women represent one third of Accenture’s workforce with 80000
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