Gender Diversity In Canada

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The article “Trudeau names new 2 senators including, Canada’s first indigenous 1st female indigenous senator” by John Paul Tasker published on CBC in December 2017 talks about Justin Trudeau’s decision to appoint two new female judges. Mary Jane McCallum was elected to represent Manitoba in the chamber while Mary Coyle will represent Nova Scotia. Both of the women have been involved in careers focused on helping disadvantaged groups of people for example Mary McCullum is a social justice advocate and is known for her work with the aboriginal communities in Manitoba. Nova Scotia senators Mary Coyle is known for her work in a post-secondary field and is proud advocate of rights of indigenous people. She is also responsible of establishing…show more content…
Furthermore the levels immigrations also help increase the foreign born population in Canada. From 1996 to 2006 Canada had largest uninterrupted period of immigration (). Even with such diverse population Canada still struggles with equally representing the native population in politics. Throughout history there has been several controversial acts and legislations limiting native influence in Canadian politics. It started with the Indian Act of 1876 which placed many restriction on the native population. The act assisted with the creation of the residential schools and violated many fundamental democracy rights. Although Canada has recovered from it’s dark history, the aftermath is still affecting the native communities. The globe & Mail reported the Aboriginal only represented 2.3 % of house of parliament in 2011(). With the election Mary McCullum the number of native reputation in the parliament will go up and increase the cultural diversity found in our politics. The decision to elect these two women can serve as important landmark for new leadership for minority groups. Both of the women have long history with helping out the less fortune and acted as leaders in their respected fields to drive key change in the lives of minority groups. Mary Coyle is heavily involved with social problems found in Canada and Bolivia. She plays a huge role in protecting
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