Gender Diversity : The Wide Range Of Gender Variation

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Gender Identity
Gender diversity increases awareness and understanding of the wide range of gender variation in children adolescents and adults. The video shows diversity on kid’s gender identity. This video explains how biological sex does not always match gender identity. The three different kids in the video showed gender identity issues since they were in their early childhood.
Jazz was biologically a boy, but he identifies himself as a girl since he was fifteen months old. His parents allow and support his new gender identity as a girl and now she lives a full-time life as a girl. They moved to a different school, so she can feel more comfortable in an environment where people do not know her as a boy.
Rawly (Richard) is a biologically ten-year-old boy that has a twin sister. He feels that he is a girl and his parents refer to his genitalia as a physical deformity and birth defect. Rawly was a product of in vitro fertilization and since an early age, he identifies as a girl and wanted all his sister pink stuff especially her clothing. He suffered all the time and at age 6 his mom let him be a girl. As a girl, she faced a lot of discrimination and bullying at school. Their parents plan is to give her a hormone replacement therapy to help her develop into puberty as a girl and to stop testosterone.
The last story is from Rebeca a teenager girl who want to be a boy and she changed her name to Jeremy. She said that she felt all the time as a boy trapped in a woman’s body.…
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