Gender Diversity: Using Information Technology in Today’s Classroom.

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Gender Diversity: Using Information Technology in Today’s Classroom.

What happens when your education is different from mine? When does that invisible line get erased; When youth’s, adolescent’s or adults, male or female encounter the same unique education being taught with nothing being held back just because of gender. In today’s society, teachers and students are connected by using information technology to help expand their knowledge on the issue of gender diversity in the classroom. Gender diversity is not an issue in the United States that just gets swept under the carpet, it’s greater than that, it’s something that has become a worldwide concern affecting the ways in which students are educated in most schools. Issues of
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And then the girl, who is usually not assertive as the male students, is deftly and swiftly put back in her place. Let’s stop there; Let’s travel a little and follow the path to school.

It’s amazing to think of technology as this worldwide device that every one in every school, house or occupation can grab a hold of. It is devastating to imagine that not every student has all abilities to grasp some education that as been taught by the end of the day. If every student, could wrap themselves around technology today, portraying uniqueness in the way we as society learn as a whole, then technology as viewed today would be similar to an image of parents, only away from home or teacher absent from lecture. Technology today allows us to express our views freely and continue in education forever with the sense being, we learn from technology every day when used. Information technology isn’t a piece of evidence that can be pointed out or highlighted as proof of reality but simply a piece if evidence that most people question, is it’s “genetic makeup” covered or slowly revealed especially in education.

From the raising of one’s hand to the calling out in class we hear one voice. This voice consists of male or female. The concept gender is a term rarely used in a classroom setting but we as society know that using common sense/general knowledge this exists all around us. Gender is a word meaning sex, role or female. It has
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