Gender Diversity Within The Workplace

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Gender Diversity in Work Balance between men and women in the workplace has been absent from modern corporations. More often than not, employers discriminate against women for being the domestic partner. But society is changing, and we are creating a cultural lag in society, meaning that women have proven their capabilities to be far superior than what is commonly presumed time and time again, but society still fosters beliefs built on traditional gender roles. Women are not always domestic humans; they are sociable, just like men, and women are just as capable as men to perform tasks, think analytically, and have leadership skills. The best answer to solve this cultural lag, is to require companies to have a ratio of men and women within…show more content…
Another pro to having women on the board, is the increase in book value. Book value on average increases by a third when a company has one or more women on the board. (Curtis, Schmid, & Struber, 2012, p. 14). Not only does adding women into the board of directors increase financial characteristics, but it also affects the stock market performances.
Women are essential in business because they give a new perspective on everything. Having only men run businesses when “80 percent of the decisions made in the household now are by the mother, by the woman,” (Pollak, 2015) simply does not make sense, because women will more commonly connect with other women customers. This is most likely why companies with one or more women board directors have higher chances at increasing their stock market value. In one study, the researchers found “that for large-cap stocks (market cap greater than USD 10 billion), the companies with women board members outperformed those without women board members by 26%,” furthermore, “For small-to-mid cap stocks, the basket of stocks with women on the board outperformed those without by 17% over the same period” (Curtis, Schmid, & Struber, 2012, p. 12). This clearly shows that having women makes a company more attractive to stockholders, which for any company is definitely a positive. As well as appealing to stock buyers, companies will grow to be more ethical if switching over to a gender diverse employment method.
Women joining the workforce will
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