Essay on Gender Diversity in the Workplace

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In a world that has grown increasingly smaller due to mass media, world travel, and readily available information, the workplace has grown increasingly diverse in both gender and cultural aspects. Individuals no longer live and work within the confines of their geographic locations. At almost any position with any company the individual employee is a part of a larger world economy that harvests assets from the ends of the earth. Because of this, companies seek to capitalize on diversity to become more creative and flexible in their business models.
Over the past 50 years, employers have seen a vast shift in the demographic of their employee's. Where once specific jobs were held by a specific type and group of people, today, at that same
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Without regard to country, social/economic status, race, or gender, some major companies have begun hiring simply the best candidate for the job. This has shown to be beneficial to companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. As technical oriented as these organizations' are, in order to remain successful a vast number of skill sets must be relied upon. These companies recognize potential on a global level thus maximizing their diversity and optimizing their workforce. It is these "elite" companies that are blazing a path to success through a very eclectic talent pool and they're doing it without regard to ethnicity or gender. "It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength."
― Maya Angelou. As illustrated by the collective Super Bowl ads of 2014, the most watched commercials on television, diversity is not only an issue that cannot be ignored... It sells. From Coke to Chrysler, the collective message from each and every ad was one of acceptance, compassion, and diversity. Equality among all people, and thus diversity, has become a nationally recognized topic. Demographics are no longer rigidly defined and companies that look to succeed do so by employing people from all genders and backgrounds. Once upon a time, diversity in the work place meant being politically correct. Today, diversity equals
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