Gender Dynamics On Ads Analysis

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Wendy Antonio
16 sept 2014
English 101
Compare and Contrast
The Gender Dynamics On Television Ads
The gender dynamics in an advertising commercial has not change throughout the years. Ads are a vast source of stereotyping since they are targeting a specific gender. Studies show that there are more male roles on television than female roles. Women are more often present in commercials, because they are seen as responsible for making everyday purchases. Men generally advertise cars, cigarettes, business products, or investments. Whereas women are shown rather in the commercials with cosmetics and domestic products. They are also more likely portrayed in the home environment, unlike men, who are shown outdoors (Barthel 24-5). On television ads there can be some difficulties in differentiating gender roles in the modern society and using stereotypes can be a perfect negative example. Men are portrayed as providers, career focused, bad-boys, sexually irresistible to women and independent. Women have been shown as low-position workers, loving wives, mothers, and on sexy poses in order to sell and advertise the product. Nowadays the difference between male and female’s roles are smaller, however the …show more content…

“Ladies, if you want to stay beautiful, slim and attractive drink Pepsi” this was from a commercial in the 1950s. In our modern, open minded culture we have seen or heard of the infamous commercials from Carl Jr. adding heat to the western chain Spicy BBQ Burger featuring a bump-and-grind car wash bad-girl Paris Hilton. Wearing a sexy black swimsuit, she seductively washes down a Bentley and herself, working up an appetite for a Spicy BBQ sandwich. This is exactly what the audience responds to, according to Carl Jr. Marketing a product in a traditional, fast-food, bite- and-smile way is a waste of

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