Gender Dysphoria Definition

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Gender Dysphoria is described as “the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex.” according to google.For me, it's knowing that during any moment there's a chance that I will experience some kind of dysphoria in relation to my body and expression. I've never really thought about my gender because I didn't have the vocabulary to describe how I felt. I identify as genderfluid; it took me all of high school to discover and accept this about myself. It wasn’t until one of my classmates came out as a non-binary trans boy, that I started to find the words to how I’ve been feeling.
The story of us in my community is a mystery to me. I’m am in constant internal
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When a black girl prefers baggy jeans, button downs, and snapbacks, it shouldn't be assumed that she’s gay, or trying to be a man. When two black men hug, it shouldn't be assumed that they are gay. Hyper-Masculinity and the Sexulization of black women and girls are a problem. Trans women are very much women. Trans men a very much men. There needs to be a complete renovation on how the black community perceives gender and sexuality. I understand that it’s not easy changing a person's way of thinking. It’s even harder if said way has been there for generations. What I’m asking for is to start having the conversation, in order to listen and learn. Talk to someone who you know is out, and is a person of color. Ask, politely, if they can educate you on what it's like being a POC and LGBT+. But it's not the job of the oppressed to educate the oppressors. Do your own research, the internet has thousands of articles, threads, and videos about POC existing in queer spaces. As a reminder, everyone is different. Some people have great experiences whiles others don't. Just because you know a person, or people, who are out, doesn’t mean you know the community. Don’t assume things, or invalidate anyone's feelings or identities. In order to change the narrative you have to first accept that what you think you know, may not be what is true. Acceptance is the goal. The black community is so divided, and once the POC LGBT+ community are accepted and treated respectively within the black community, only then, we can begin to mend the rifts created between us as a community and as a people. At the end of the day Black Lives Matter, that includes the
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