Gender Education Through The Lens Of Feminism Essay

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Maranda McLaren
English Composition 201
Professor Michelle Resene
12 September, 2016

Gender in Education
Sitting in my general biology class today, learning about amazing biological discoveries, my male teacher jokingly said “Did you know there are women in science?” then went on to joke about how these women who had just made an amazing biological discovery even had PhD’s. As he went on to talk about the amazing things these women did, he talked about the discovery like he had for the other ones made by men. If women can make biological discoveries like men can why are they looked at differently in their graduate fields of study. In this essay I will explore the gender issue in education through the lens of feminism by evidence shown in past decades and today. Education was primarily for men while women were not even allowed in some classrooms, while over time this has changed.
In the early 1700’s when America was first being founded young boys were being taught in schools or in homes while girls were not allowed in these places. As time went on in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, girls were allowed to attend school. One of the most critical events in the history of education for women’s education was the creation of the Ladies Academy in 1787, which was an all- female school, which was primarily taught by men. The 1800’s were the most important changes for education for women. In 1815 the Female Seminary Movement began and was led by women whose goals were to offer
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