Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

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According to the dictionary, the definition of gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Gender inequality is happening, where women have less control over resources, less power than males, and fewer opportunities across social, economic, and political life. Gender inequality is happening because of women’s physical difference in education, work pay and job opportunities, family and culture, religion, and government. This is due to the stereotypical thoughts of women being weaker than men. Because of their physical difference, people tend to discriminate towards women. As a result, this serves as the basis of gender inequality. In this part of the report, I, Irine Chong will explain to you what Gender Inequality is, and how it is impacting women’s rights ALL around the world.
To start off, gender inequality exists in women’s education. 62 million girls are denied education around the world even though females make up more than two-thirds of the world. The some of many reasons as to why this problem is arising is because the girls are forced to help out with household chores, or that their family only has enough money to educate one member from the family. Even worse, the girls’ fathers can make his daughter to get married to a boy he thinks is responsible. In most families, women would be seen as the person in the family to be responsible of taking care of the children and doing all the housework. If lucky, the woman…
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