Gender Equality And The Movement For Women 's Rights On A Global Scale

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In recent years, there has been a raising awareness about gender equality and the movement for women’s rights on a global scale. In fact, there are two controversial perceptions of the meaning of feminism and what feminists stand for. For many years, feminism is considered a series of mere actions exhorting for only women, which is anti-men and overaggressive. Recently, there is a gradual change in the understanding of what feminism is. It is all about the equality that every living human should be treated regardless of gender, race, religion or class. My essay will analyze in-depth the case study of Emma Watson’s feminism campaign, HeforShe campaign, based on the ideas and theories of some experts about the feminism in the real world.…show more content…
In the matter of gender identity, Watson encourages everyone should be free to live with their true inner self, not with the prejudice and standard set up by the society (The Telegraph, 2014). To some extent, this interpretation of freedom is similar to that in the discussion of the last view about postfeminism of Gill and Scharff (2011). That is the way women express themselves or what they decide to stand for and decisions being made about their life are all in their hands without external intervention (Gill and Scharff, 2011). In addition, looking at the matter throughout the history of development of the feminist movement since the early days, feminism in HeforShe campaign is a revolution in the way people perceive feminism. One point in Watson’s speech about gender equality is about the involvement of men in the effort of elimination of the inequality from our life, which is a game-changing point in the study and the implication of what feminism and feminist is about. Therefore, feminism in HeforShe campaign could also be understood as postfeminism in the initial point of view which is the “transformation and change within feminism” (Gill and Scharff, 2011).

Secondly, the ideas that feminism in HeforShe movement stands for are analysed founded on some main points in the four waves of feminism in history. To
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