Gender Equality At Work, By Emily Peck

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Gender equality is a debatable topic in today’s society. It can be argued as a fundamental concept that is achieved when both men and women are treated equally, and are not discriminated on the basis of gender. This key concept is one of the main targets in the corporate world - to achieve gender equality. Women are more susceptible to discrimination at a workplace more than men because of the existence of the belief that women are less competent than men along with sexism, which is a hidden player. In the article At This Rate, It’ll Take 100 Years to Get Gender Equality At Work, the author, Emily Peck, outlines the various reasons as to why women face discrimination at work, why these women are less interested in becoming a top executive, and how gender equality is getting better, but at a very slow rate. The various reasons include not only the notion that women are less competent than men, but also because of the “maternal bias”, in which mothers who do well at their job are disliked and are kept from advancing because they are believed to be terrible parents (Emily Peck). Stress is the reason why single women did not want to advance in their career, while women with children said that work and family pressures played a large role in their decision not to climb up the corporate ladder. Companies such as McKinsey & Company and are striving hard to advance women in their field of work outside of their homes and give advice to other companies looking to advance
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