Gender Equality In Sports

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It has been a topic through history: Gender Equality, but have you ever thought of it from a sports standpoint. There is a huge controversy around the US, concerning the general idea that women can’t play sports. This is a very underlooked issue. The stigma of women not being able to play sports has been around ever since the 1800s. Since the beginning of time there has been the assumption that women are delicate and should have men protect and provide for them, but now the tides are changing and women are starting to stand up against that stigma. Women now have their own leagues in sports and are being treated equally for their college years. Although they do have all of this, both genders still aren’t equal. There is a huge pay gap between men and women in sports as women are getting paid only a small fraction of what men are getting payed. When women are playing sports today they are asking themselves, “Why aren’t we getting paid as much as men?, “Why do we get equal opportunities in college, but then graduate and then experience inequality?”, and “Where does all of this inequality come from?” Initially, women have been and still are being discriminated against, and being assumed to be “delicate” and “unable to play sports.” This stigma is a big reason why men and women aren’t considered equal in the sports world. This stigma is an issue that everyone needs to be aware of because it is damaging to the society. Kristen Wilde, the author of “Women in Sport: Gender
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