Gender Equality Speech : A Speech On Prejudice

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Good morning/ Afternoon, members of the Toowoomba Regional Council Harmony Day Committee. Thank you for the opportunity to present to you an issue of prejudice that still continues to have a presence in our society. This presence is thought to be gone and resolved however, prejudice based on gender still lingers everywhere, from home to the workplace. Stereotypes such as men being higher than women are still swarming Australia. Whilst this issue still remains, over the years there have been countless protests, videos and articles to put an end to this heinous prejudice. That is why we need to devote a day to encourage awareness and adjustment towards men and women not being equals. At the end of the day, we are all humans that definitely deserve balance between gender.

Members of the Toowoomba Regional Council Harmony Day Committee, as a community we need to devote a day in our planned week, consisting of long celebrations to promote awareness and change towards men being superiors and women having appalling stereotypes. The slogan for this year's International Women's Day was ‘Be Bold for Change’, but it seems Australians haven't been bold enough in striving for gender equality. Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, created a report, “A Conversation in Gender Equality”, which uncovers widespread evidence of everyday sexism that is based on interviews with 1000 Australians. The thought of prejudice being finally extinguished is proven incorrect by Kate Jenkins
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