Gender Equality Through Sports And Gender

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As the world is becoming more technologically advanced and the standard of living is improving, the world still faces one colossal problem. Discrimination still exists in all forms, despite the efforts to eliminate it. Skin color, religion, and sex are the central components of discrimination in the world. One area that has shown great improvements over time is gender equality. Throughout world history, women have been viewed as inferior species to men. In the United States, women were not allowed to do certain things like join the military or vote. The United States has made great strides in providing equal opportunity to all genders. In spite of the many laws and acts congress has passed, women are still viewed as lesser subjects. Judith Lorber, Shari Dworkin, Bianca Grohmann, as well as Christopher Greenwell and other contributing authors, speak on the topic of gender equality through sports and gender perceptions in advertising and marketing.
Before these authors began their discussions, they all attempted to define masculinity and femininity. Instead of using literal definitions, they gave examples. Lorber uses examples from sports and technology and what she calls the “bathroom problem” to help her audience reconsider their assumptions about gender. Dworkin and Messner’s essay builds on the work of many scholars who have examined the ways our notions of masculinity and femininity are tested, exhibited, and reinforced through participating in and watching sports.…
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