Gender Equality : Women And Women

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In different cultures across the world there has been an imbalance between the roles of men and women in society. Gender equality has been a recurring issue dating back to the start of civilization. Women, in particular, have had a difficult time being treated with the same respect and privileges as men. In society today, gender equality as become less of an issue because women have fought hard to get to where they are. Starting from early civilization, men have held the power within government and society, while women have been seen as housewives. This can be seen through many literary works, which tells a great deal about the time in which the work was written. Many writers represent the time period they live in through the ideas in their works. In “Assemblywomen”, Aristophanes reveals that in that time period, the role women played in society was that of a typical housewife. They were deemed as the people who should be taking care of house duties and the men were the ones who were in charge of the government. In “Vagabond” the author, Colette, shows the struggles that women faced trying to live on their own in a society where the men have been the ultimate breadwinners. Through Plato’s “The Republic”, he shows a different viewpoint on the role that women should play in society.
To begin, “Assemblywomen” teaches the reader a lot about the time period in which Aristophanes lived. His play is a comedy in which the men and women change roles in society. Despite the fact that…
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