Gender Equality in the Classroom

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Analyzing the Classroom From the time we are about 5 years old and for some of us into our late 20’s and 30’s we are in a coeducational environment called the classroom. Ever wonder which gender has the leg up? The bias towards? The one most likely to succeed? My prediction is that boys from kindergarten through the collegiate level more often than not will have an advantage capturing the teacher’s attention and dominating classroom activities over women. From the way students are bred into the educational system to their biological tendencies boys tend to overpower girls in a classroom. This is why more often than not they will be acknowledged in a group discussion, opinions will be valued more, and command the flow of the room over…show more content…
It has been found that especially with girls when in a single sex classroom girls are more likely to respond to questions and engage more in class discussions, as well as try “less conventional” subjects for girls such as math and science. “Research Spotlight on Single-Gender Education.” National Education Association. Copyright 2002-2013. What is believed to be of great assistance to not only girls but boys as well is small classes and schools, equitable teaching practices, and focused academic curriculum. The American Association of University Women. Separated by Sex: A Critical Look at Single-Sex Education for Girls. Washington D.C: (1998) Print. Gender stereotypes run ramped in social institutions and schools are no exception. It is common to hear “Jenny will be good with children one day she’s so loving and caring”, as well as “Tom is so confident, he will make a great leader.” Is there something wrong with this? There is nothing wrong with Tom being a leader and Jenny being a great mother, but it creates a stereotype that leaves a large impression on children. Especially before adolescence children are very impressionable when it comes to social norms. People are social and developing creatures. During the time especially from the age of about six to puberty humans are testing what will be acceptable in public and not. It is taught that boys will be dominant over girls, which is completely false. Teachers have a
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