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Gender Equity Are male students and female student’s receiving the same opportunities when it comes to Math and Science in the schools? I don’t believe they are. This is why gender equity is a major problem facing our schools today. Many girls are having very negative attitudes towards Math and Science. Through doing research on this topic I found out why. In the article How Research Helps Address Gender Equity, a very shocking and eye opening thing was written. I learned that children as young as kindergarten already have formed set stereotypes about Science and Math. The boys in the class wanted to and believed that they could be Scientist while the girls in the class did not. They perceived being a…show more content…
He also seemed to talk down to the girls. My self-esteem in Math wasn’t good going into this course and when I came out of it, it only became worse. I was terrified of Math. I don’t think my Math teacher or other teachers intentionally call on boys and encourage them more but it ends up happening anyway. Another problem that girls are faced with is they aren’t getting the same opportunities and encouragement that boys receive in lab experiments. All of these things play a big factor in girls having low self-esteem when it comes to Math and Science. When doing my research on gender equity, I found a lot of good steps taken to improve the equality of boys and girls in school. One of the first things that needs to be done is a teacher assessment. The article Fair and Square, says that the teacher should have a friend or colleague come into the class to do the assessment. The observer would write a 'b' if the teacher asked a boy the question and a 'g' if the teacher asked the girl the question. The observer would also “make a brief notation of the type of reaction you make to each child, whether it’s praise, criticism, remediation, or acceptance”(Sadker , Sadker , Stulberg, 2001 ). I think this assessment is a good idea. However, I would think if the teacher knew that he/she was being assessed they would be more conscience of calling on both boys and girls the same

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