Gender Expectations in Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

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The gender expectations have changed over time, In the book “Joy Luck Club” written by Amy Tan many characters are expected to things they did not want to do. This book is about the obstacles of sexism that Jing Mei and her relatives had to go through. But in reality is there more gender expectations now or in the novel? I believe that everyone should be treated equally and should be treated with respect from everyone. Woman in the novel are being segregated more than in real life. Todays society and the society in Joy luck club are very similar because they both involve sexism. In the novel Lindo is forced by her mother in law and husband by making her a slave of some sort. But things get a little out of control when An mei gets raped by her husband but ends up marrying the guy because she has to save her so called honor. But that man that raped her, he can do anything he wants, he will not be pushed around or called names because that is the mans nature. Girls in China can not speak freely for themselves, they are supposed to be listening to the man because supposedly they are so much better and can do anything or everything unlike woman that sits around and does nothing. But in America the daughters face many more problems such as gender expectations. Rose and Ted have the stereotypical relationship whereas Ted is a big strong man and where Rose is the damsel in distress and no one can help her. But the younger girl Waverly is a girl playing chess and the men
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