Gender Exploitation, Trafficking, And Mobility Of Women Under A Regime Of Modern Slavery Essay

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On the 5th of March, 2001, Oxana Rantseva, a 21-year-old Russian national, arrived in Cyprus and was granted a work permit as an artiste until June of that year. This type of work permit was discussed in a report on “artistes” in Cyprus by the Cypriot Ombudsman in 2003 (as well as multiple other subsequent reports on human trafficking), clarifying that the word “artiste” had become synonymous with prostitute. It was also noted that beginning in the 1990’s the majority of the women serving in Cyprus’s prostitution market were coming from former states of the Soviet Union. During this time Cyprus was implementing stricture regulations to limit the number of women immigration to work as artistes. Unfortunately, the report found that despite this “there was not improvement regarding sexual exploitation, trafficking and mobility of women under a regime of modern slavery” (paragraph 84). This situation in Cyprus was documented and known of by the government.
Rantseva began work as an artiste in a cabaret owned by X.A., and managed by his brother, M.A., on (DATE). While working, she stayed in an apartment with other women who worked for X.A. On the 19th of March, M.A. was informed by the women Rantseva lived with that she had taken all her belongings and left the apartment. He subsequently informed the Immigration office of this, later stating that he wanted her to be expelled from Cyprus so that he could hire another girl to work in the Cabaret. On the 28th of March, around 4
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