Gender Expression Is An Area Of Research That Is Gaining

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Gender expression is an area of research that is gaining more attention, and has been for quite some time. On the other hand, television has been a heavily consumed source of media with extensive research. By combining these two topics, it then becomes important to examine gender expression in television programs. Is there a correlation between heavy consumption of television programs with only cis-gendered characters and gender expression among teenagers ages thirteen to seventeen? Paying attention to how television programs display gender can help to identify why teenagers express their own gender in certain ways. And understanding this expression of gender has consequences in the psychological and physical well-being of teens. Knowing…show more content…
Therefore, finding correlation is all that is possible. To identify a correlation between heavy consumption of television programs with strictly cis-gendered characters and gender expression among teenagers, it is necessary to perform both a survey and content analysis. A content analysis allows an identification and classification of television shows with only cis-gendered characters as sources of media that can impact teenagers. A survey allows for an identification of teenagers’ viewing habits and their gender expression. A survey is the simpler of the two methods when dealing with this subject, as it would require questions around viewing habits and gender expression. But surveys still have flaws. There is a potential that subjects surveyed will lie on the survey, skewing results. There is also a margin of error that comes along with surveys. Because of these limitations, there is no way to be one hundred percent sure that results are completely accurate. However, with anonymous surveys and precautions, it is possible to get somewhat accurate results. Content analysis is the other, and in this case much more complicated, method. Content analysis requires analyzing television shows for characters. To realistically do this, there must be a limit to television shows in this population, as there are too many television shows to account for every program. A good population for this study, would be television
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