Essay on Gender: Feminism and Masculinity

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In a recent meta-analysis by Kite and Whitley in 1996, it was confirmed that men hold more negative attitudes toward homosexuality than do women. They also determined that men's attitudes toward homosexuality are particularly negative when the person being rated is a gay man rather than a lesbian. Their review of the literature also highlighted the complex nature of attitudes toward homosexuality noted by others. In order to understand the constructive attitudes of homosexuality, there are several factors that include beliefs that gay people are threatening or dangerous, etc. I reviewed Millham, San Miguel, & Kellogg, 1976; Plasek & Allard, 1984. These complexities, and how they influence sex differences in attitudes toward …show more content…
One explanation comes from considering the consequences of men's versus women's gender-role violations. Although all sex-role deviants are disliked relative to gender-role conformists In contrast, women are allowed more fluid gender roles and are less likely to perceive pressure to reject gender-role nonconformists. That society responds differently to men's and women's gender-role nonconformity can be explained by the generally higher status associated with the American male gender role compared with the American female gender role As a dominant still man socieity, men have more to lose if they are viewed as gay, versus lesbians. Women lesbians may be allowed greater gender role flexibility and may be allowed to hold more tolerant. This should be true regardless of the sex of the gender-role violator.
The gender role analysis leads to feelings that men will be especially condemning of gay men, who violate the male gender role. In most cases, men to respond negatively toward gay men In contract, gay men may see lesbianism in erotic terms, and the positive value associated with this eroticism may positively influence their attitudes toward lesbians (Louderback & Whitley, 1997). In general,women's roles are viewed as lower in status than are men's, prejudice toward lesbians should not be as strongly culturally sanctioned as is prejudice toward gay men. Therefore, both sexes may be
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