Gender Gap Analysis Essay

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As shown in the chart above, it is clear that men and women aren’t making the same wages based off of pure degree status in America. It does not seem to matter whether one has a high school education or a doctoral degree, males are earning more money than females who have the same education. What this chart does not show is what their degrees are in. One of the inequalities among these two groups are the type of career paths that they are choosing or better yet being chosen for them. As children in America, many girls are told that they are supposed to be caring, helpful, soft and great thinkers, so for many adult women that are deciding their career paths, they decide on teachers or nurses. While their male counterparts are told as children…show more content…
As young girls, American females are told that they are not strong enough to take on everything alone, that they should not do too much or else they may hurt themselves. They are often taught that they need to be reliant on others to succeed in life, this gives many women a lower self-esteem that hinders them when going for careers outside their comfort zones. It was also noticed that it is not only sex that plays a role in how society works, race and the classes that we are in have a big impact on how people few themselves and others. Race seems to play a critical role on how the classes were made up many years ago, where we had blacks as slaves that were becoming equal citizens in America, but starting off with less than the white people of America. The same is true with the South American Hispanics came into the United States after it was a developed country, uprooting their lives and starting out with much less. Of course, the color of their skin did play a role when jobs decided who got jobs to begin with. As time has passed we can see this problem being almost nonexistent, and all the races beginning to come to a more neutral level as the year’s
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