Gender, Gender And Gender Equality

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Gender is what shapes an individual 's experience in his or hers own life 's, and it is also in a way, what determines their future weather they wanted it to or not. Many cultures indeed favor a gender versus another. For example, in china if a couple first born is a baby boy than it is foretold that the family will have good luck and wealth since the boy can take over the father 's place in the future and continue to provide for his family. The boy will also carry their maiden name versus females that would have to give up her maiden name to her husbands to be. Causing the family to one day loses their original last name. Of course, if they have a baby girl as their first-born they will probably struggle a little more financially since women generally make less money than men do in their country.
Even though our country supports equality in our gender, differences still are around us today. These very issues of a gender of our society have had somewhat of an impact in my life for I was brought up with 4 older sisters and 1 younger brother. I was among the 4 older sisters the last of the females. Since the day of my birth to this day both my parents immediately perceived me the role of a female and their daughter. With this intention they did their best to teach me ways on how to become sensitive, caring and loving, and above it all, how to hold my tongue when a man is speaking. My baby brother, on the other hand, was given plenty of action figures, toy cars, and also was…
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