Gender, Gender And Gender Equality

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Not Quite to Equality In Regards to Race and Gender Communication Thesis Brooke Campo University of Colorado Denver Abstract In this paper I am going to show how Gloria Anzaldua has impacted racial and gender equality in her lifetime and, even though there is still as much inequality today as there was when Anzaldua was alive, her works are very useful in acquiring the tools to combat America’s social standards on race and gender. I am going to elaborate on how Americans can stop discriminating and become more open-minded to other race and gender identities by using Anzaldúa’s ideals, and relate these suggestions to the classroom text: Brenda Allen’s Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity. I feel like it is extremely important to have tools and references to follow if one is having difficulty in accepting themselves or if others witness a difficulty in accepting the differences some may have that are against America’s societal norms. Not Quite to Equality In Regards to Race and Gender Discrimination, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, describes the processes by which two opinions differ in some aspect and are responded to differently by each party involved. This word is used to emphasize the difference of treatment between members of different groups when one group is intentionally singled out and treated worse, or not given the same opportunities (Babcock, 1993). In the United States these groups tend to be minority

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