Gender, Gender And Gender Identity Essay

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Gender Communication Prior to taking this class I would define gender as one being male or female. Females have particular roles, and males also have particular roles. When I think of females, I think of females being nurturing, loving, caring, and feminine. Males being masculine, athletic, strong, main provider, wearing a suit and tie, whereas females wear dresses, high heels, have long hair. Females seem to be higher maintenance than men. Now I can say gender and gender identity are very much similar to what my understanding is. Gender is cultural expectations associated with women and men. Gender identity is what a person identifies their selves as, a man, woman, or maybe the combination of both. I say gender has to do with personal feelings about you. Women are often passive, gentle, and have kind personalities. Men tend to be more aggressive, don’t cry often, and men are more dominate than women. The biological theoretical approach has a great influence on a person’s gender identity. Biological factors that shape ones gender are hormones. Hormones may organize a biological predisposition to be masculine or feminine during the prenatal period. The hormones increase during puberty. Sex hormones affect development of the brain as well as the body. For an example, estrogen causes women’s bodies to produce good cholesterol, and boost the immune system. Men have a higher level of testosterone; this has been linked with physical expressions of anger and attempts to

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