Gender, Gender And Gender Identity

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Set with the task of interviewing three people about their life experiences and perceptions in hopes of gleaming a bit of insight into gender identity, I had several people say to me that gender was not an issue in their life, and I should just find someone else. Most people never think about their gender or how they express it, or they think that gender and sex are the synonyms ( American Psychiatric Association, 2013). That is, until confronted with a significantly different culturally expressed gender role, or unless your gender identity is not accepted as normal. Therefore the three individuals I ended up choosing Hector, Amy and Leta, are somewhat diverse but also similar in many ways in which one should be able to appreciate but the conclusion of this paper.
Sitting down with Hector, a person I have worked with in the past and discussing this project, he seemed a little uncomfortable with the concept. He is a 53-year-old American male of Mexican descent. He is straight, divorced and has nine children with five different women that he knows of. He has a traditional view on gender roles, and has completely misogynistic view on life. When I asked him about his gender role, he looked at me as if I just kicked his dog, after a few seconds he replied, “Well, I’m a man, a real man.” He described growing up as the oldest boy of ten kids, with the oldest five being boys, the three girls, followed by two more boys, as being just a normal upbringing. He said, “I played sports,…
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