Gender, Gender And Gender Inequality

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There has always been a so-called “Battle of the Sexes.” Humans have existed in a gender binary system with specific roles allotted to men and women for much of history, and its reach affects almost all aspects of our lives. Even in present-day 2014, in an era when it is becoming widely accepted that we are not limited by the roles that our predecessors were pressed into, the ramifications of this binary system are still limiting us. For this project my group members and I, as seven women each pursuing different careers and degrees, wanted to explore the gender disparity that exists in the workplace, and how each of our careers are likely to be affected by this problem. We found that across the board, working women are likely to earn only about 78% of their male peers’ salaries. (The Simple Truth) However, we also found that numerous fields such as psychology and pharmacy are seen as gendered towards women, and that in these careers the wage gap is significantly smaller, while the wage gap in fields that are male-dominated, like chemistry and engineering, is much greater. My own major and future career in chemistry is one of these male-dominated fields, so I spent my time researching trends that describe women in chemistry to better understand any gender disparity that I may face as a member of the workforce.
My first experience with chemistry was my first chemistry class I took as a sophomore in high school. My teacher was an extremely smart, extremely vivacious woman named…
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