Gender, Gender And Gender

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This week’s materials have many commonalities found throughout the text, which challenges the representation of gender identity in last week’s materials. One of the similarities found throughout this week’s materials is that gender is complex. Professor Davis’s lecture “Sex & Gender – It’s Complicated” defines “Binary gender: man or women, female or male, and masculine and feminine. Two distinct categories” (slide 5). The Western society mostly see gender as binary, black and white. However, Baird writes in “Transgender: ‘as the stars in the sky’” that “most of us are culturally heavily conditioned to categorize sex and gender in this binary, dimorphic way. But actually, life and nature are a lot more complex than that” (pg 113). Professor Davis exemplifies binary gender in the Western culture using public restroom as an example. She explains that an “individual must identify themselves with a stick figure either with a dress or pants as female or male.” However, Baird statistically illustrates the biological complexity of gender. For example, Baird states “Intersexual, popularly referred to as ‘hermaphrodites,’ are usually born with genitals somewhere between male and female – rarely with two complete sets as in myth. The number of such birth is more common than most people realize, with the highest estimates in the US at four percent of births. That’s some ten million children, annually” (pg 117). Professor Davis concludes the example of public restroom as a clear cut…
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