Gender, Gender And Gender Roles

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Men collectively choose to receive psychological help less than their women counterparts. The sex distinction in help-seeking behavior occurs even when both women and men are equally afflicted. If male help-seeking behavior is to be increased, the reason for its neglect must be considered. Increasing our awareness of factors that may deter men from exploring psychological guidance may help in accessing reluctant men, allowing them to see past their preconceived ideology of masculinity.

First it is important to recognize the pressures male face. In most cultures, men have very few options related to gender conduct. Male gender roles are instilled early on in childhood. As men meet these unwritten expectations they acquire acceptance from other men, attain potential mates, increase self-esteem and increase social status. This in part is called the socialization process. These benefits reinforce men to continue with this as their standard. What are these unwritten rules that are nurtured and taught so crucially by family and friends? Traditional gender roles are what determine a man to be capable and successful. They can loosely be categorized into three areas that exemplify the perfect model of masculinity: Strength, involves emotional toughness, courage, self-reliance and rationality. Action, encompasses competitiveness, ambition, and risk taking. The last area can be summed up as being honorable, with
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