Gender, Gender And Gender Roles

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Gender can sometimes be seen as biological characteristics humans have, when in fact it is the social characteristic ones society deems either masculine or feminine. Sex, on the other hand, is the biological differences in humans, for example, hormones and sex organs. People usually play gender roles in society, otherwise known as gender ideology. Gender ideology is when men and women have certain attitudes regarding their ‘fixed’ roles, responsibilities and rights. Throughout history men and women have been socialized to play these expected roles that have been placed on them due to their sex. In my own personal life I have encountered many instances where I have been socialized in relation to sex and gender.
Within each and every society there is this process of learning ones social expectations associated with their own sex. This is known as gender socialization, and it is why men and women tend to behave differently. Because of gender socialization women can be treated as if they are unequal to men. For example, in my own life I grew up with an older brother and many other male cousins all close in age. As a very young child, I was never allowed to play “rough house” with the boys, run around with my top off, or even sit with my legs open. I would see my brother and cousins playing with their Yu-Gi-Oh cards and action figures, something I always wanted, while I would get dresses and Barbie dolls. It did not bother me much at the time because I was so young, so I was
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