Gender, Gender And Sex Matters

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Gender and Sex Matters
This class is all really interesting for me, except the two features I talked above, all the other topics are just too attractive and applaud me. The gender problems totally right, and I believe this happens in every country. When I translated “Sex” and “Gender” in the dictionary, it gives us the same meaning: male and female. Thus I ‘m really surprised when I found they have different meanings in class! As referred to by Allen, "Sex is a biological classification while gender refers to cultural norms of femininity and masculinity". (Allen, 2011, p. 42) There are lots of boys whose femininity and lots of girls who wear like boys and they want to be boys. I know it cause my high school is a girls ' school, and many of my friends don’t love dressing and don’t love boys. They even hate their chest, and thinking of getting rid of it all day. However, we don’t have a physiology course talking about this. Talking about them, the next chapter sexuality is really connected. We don’t allow gay marriage in China, and although it does not touch the law, but it will cause a lot of problems in everyday life, it even leads you to death sadly. Five years ago, homosexual people in China were really active, they wants to get their right to happiness in China too, just like here in America and those countries support gay marriage. "They start all kinds of activities, they want something like homophile movement" (Allen, 2011, p123), which happened in the 1950s, middle-…

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