Gender, Gender And Sexual Norms

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The American family has continuously been changing over the years and has been shaped by changing ideas about gender, sexuality, race, and class. The institution of the family has changed but it has also remained the same in some aspects. Society’s acceptance of changes in gender and sexual norms have reshaped representations of the family. Betty Friedan, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Dorothy Sue Cobble have written articles that pertain to the changing of the institution. As the American society changes its views on gender and sexual norms, sometimes through movements, it has informed representations of the family. The traditional American family turned around when the war came along and the men had to go overseas, forcing women to take on the men’s jobs that were left behind. In Cobble’s Halving the Double Day she explains how women have to not only go to work but come home and work doing the domestic housework and caring for the children. While discussing equality she states, “women simply could not be equal while they ‘continued doing two jobs to their husband’s one,’ as shoemaker union leader and government official Mary Anderson wrote in Good Housekeeping in 1925” (Cobble 66). The representation of gender roles within the family on who holds the responsibility of domestic work affects the dynamics within the American family. To help solve the conflict between work and family “[e]arlier generations of women […] solved the conflict between wage work and family by embracing…

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