Gender Identity, A Biological Construction

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Gender Identity, a Biological Construction
Keeley Dutcher
Brock University

Gender Identity, A Biological Construction The current debate is on the question of gender identity, and if it is environmentally or biologically constructed. Gender identity is ones sense of being female, male, a combination of both, or neither regardless of their biological sex, and is connected to ones core sense of self. I was instructed to argue that gender identity is biologically constructed (J. Janke, Personal Communication). Your gender identity is not something that develops over time, but rather something that you begin to understand and acknowledge overtime. Because it may take you a while for you to understand your feelings, it is possible for individuals to experience a change within their gender identity as they mature. Overall, there are three main points of evidence that allow me to believe that gender identity is a biological construction. These points included the fact that specific areas of an indivudals brain, as well as their size are correlated to sexual orientation, the idea that prenatal exposure to specific hormones are related with ones gender identity, and the existence of sex development disorders.
Position Summary Point One The first point of evidence that I looked into discussed the relation of the sizes of specific areas in the brain and sexual orientation. It was demonstrated that certain locations inside brains differ in sizes within males and…
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