Gender Identity And Gender Equality

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Reading and learning about what it means to be a male or female for the past two weeks has been the most confusing thing in this class by far. It doesn’t sound like it can be confusing because it’s either about male or female. However, we did more learning about the gender identity and what it took for them to become a male or female than just saying a male is a boy and a female is a girl. Gender identity is one 's personal experience of one 's own gender. All societies have a set of gender categories that can serve as the basis of the formation of a person 's social identity in relation to other members of society. One group even talked about how there’s more categories when defining gender. They consider bi and gay as gender categories which was new for me because I never heard of that before. In my opinion, I conclude that gender identity is based off one’s personal experiences and what it took for them to get into that bi, gay, male, or female category because of things I’ve saw on t.v. and things I’ve discussed in class with classmates.

During the first week, we discussed in class about the topic of gender roles. We talked about how most males are dominant and that females are more laid back and soft. That most males in the relationship are suppose to be the dominant ones and the females shouldn’t have to try that hard as the males. I found that easy to comprehend because that’s all I’ve known. I heard in class by a classmate that most people do think men are the…

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