Gender Identity And Identity

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Chapter 1: The quote I thought was important was "The symbols people use to describe the sexes (pink or blue, pretty or strong), and the way they interact with others the basis of their sex matters" (pg. 5). The reason why I thought it was important was it is so true how people tend to dress their new born babies in the color that designated to the sex of their babies. But now people are not always dressing their kids in pink or blue. Now people are you gender natural colors.
Chapter 2: "Differences are not inherent and structural based on sex but are caused by experience over a lifetime" (pg. 33). The reason why I thought this was important because many things in life people tend to learn over experience.
Chapter 3: Quote for Chapter 3 is “Speakers follow (or violate) the rules not just because they exist but also because they enable speakers to accomplish their goals” (pg. 56)”. This is important because that is a factor into what a person’s identity is. Following or violating a rule means they are able to complete their goals.
Chapter 4: A quote I liked from chapter 4 is “Increasingly, men and boys are victims of sexual objectification (Moradi & Huang, 2008), but they are less likely to negatively internalize the message (Grabe, Hyde, & Lindbreg, 2007)“ (pg. 81). I personally thought this was important because women tend to have it worse then guys. I have noticed this before but I have never really paid much attention on the growth for guy’s cosmetics.
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