Gender Identity Disorder ( Gid )

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Abstract Many people experience uneasiness or misery due to their biological sex and gender identity, which is known as gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is formally known as gender identity disorder (GID), gender incongruence or transgenderism. According to Mohammaed Meomon, gender dysphoria is a product of highly complex genetic, neurodevelopmental, and psychological factors (Meomon, 2016). A person’s biological sex is given at birth depending on the appearance of the genitals. What a person identifies with is called gender identity. For example, a woman may have the genitals of a female but identify herself as a male. She will start acting and showing characteristics of a male. This confusion between gender identity and sex cause…show more content…
Many people diagnosed with this condition dislike several features on their body and often pretend that it is something else. They also go through a trial and error process and find out that they like the opposite sex better. For example, a male may feel like a female’s life is better after he try out some of their behaviors and characteristics. According to Anne Vitales ' article Notes On Gender Transition, these people explore in the opposite genders and find that living as the other sex gives them more satisfaction and acceptance than they have ever felt before (Vitales’, 1996). Gender Dysphoria is shown differently depending on the age and assigned gender of the person. The conditions for a child are revealed from childhood. It is more common in boys, but occurs across both sexes. Gender Dysphoria starts between the ages of two and four. In adolescents and adults the characteristics escalate over time. This can be caused by social environments or relationships. Since this condition is not acknowledged in today’s society it cause problems for the victim and those close/related to them. In most cases, the victim begins to feel like they are carrying the wrong (Kenneth & Bradley, 2002). Characteristics of the disorder Children learn from the things they are taught and the things that they see. It is their natural instinct to conform to the characteristics of their gender. Girls express
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