Gender Identity Disorder ( Gid ) Essay

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Sex and gender have been highly controversial constructs amongst many researchers for a long time, due to differing interpretations and definitions for both. Sex is described as the biological indicators of an individual being male or female, based on their sex chromosomes and non-ambiguous internal and external genitalia. Gender, on the other hand, is a social construct that is shaped by the way someone develops their idea of male or female within society. The term gender was introduced when the realization arose that individuals with ambiguous or conflicting biological aspects were unable to completely identify as neither male nor female.
Gender Identity Disorder (GID), now more commonly known as Gender Dysphoria (GD), is a condition of atypical gender development whereby an individual’s psychological perception of self as masculine or feminine does not align with their biological sex. GD was used for patients who despised their biological status so much that they opted for surgical sex reassignment (Fisk, 1973). A number of definitions for gender identity exist and there can be confusion regarding gender identity due to gender role descriptions within society. Money (1994) defined gender roles as the things that individuals do to disclose themselves as male or female; for example, young girls prefer to play with dolls and make-up whereas young boys prefer video games and soccer. Kohlberg (1966) defined gender identity by a child’s ability to accurately
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