Gender Identity Disorder Is A Mental Disorder

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Matt (ie) “I thought I was this crazy person who liked to wear women’s clothes and I didn’t hardly allow myself to go into deeper parts of it”. The effects finally hit full force for Matt (ie) around the age of 40 as Matt (ie) got deeper into yoga. One day while in New Mexico meditating in the woods, something broke loose in Matt (ie)’s consciousness, Matt (ie) felt like a woman. This changed everything; Matt (ie) moved a different way, when looking in the mirror or hearing the voice from inside it didn’t seem possible (line 72-91).
Kristen A. Burgess, Emory University School of Medicine and Charles F Gillespie M.D., PhD, department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine, state that “gender identity disorder is a mental disorder in which gender identity is incongruent with anatomical sex”. Individuals experience different degrees of unhappiness with their sex at birth, which in turn causes them to pursue the life and body of the opposite sex (2010).
Does this mean that Matt (ie) has a mental disorder? Would this explain why when Matt (ie) went to a Shaman and the Shaman gave Matt (ie) all kinds of stories, like Matt (ie) was “possessed by a fairy” or Matt (ie) was “touching this side or that side of his/her self”? How about the depression and drinking that comes along with being so conflicted? Through all of this Matt (ie) went back into the deep meditation that opened the door in the first place and “realized this was no spirit or fairy,…
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