Gender Identity : Gender And Masculinity

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What is gender? Most people feel as though gender consists only of the terms “boy“ & “girl“ , but it’s so much more than that. Gender is a very complex reality that is not just about what genetalia you have. In this paper I will explore all the subcategories and misconceptions of gender.
The range of characteristics pertaining to and differentiating between masculinity and femininity is the definition of gender. We usually associate gender with genetalia and in our society, we like to stuff everyone into these strict
“gender boxes“, where everything that has for some reason been deemed feminine is only for girls, and everything deemed masculine is only for boys. Cisgender is when you identify with one of these gender boxes, but a lot of things in those boxes are learned behaviors, and not natural ones. For instance, it’s not a girl’s instinct to like barbie dolls, and it’s not a boy’s instinct to like monster trucks.
Gender identity is a person’s private sense and subjective experience of their own gender. Most identify as a boy or girl and also identify with the gender that they were assigned at birth. Those who do not identify as neither male or female are known as “genderqueer” or “gender non conforming“ and those who identify as the opposite gender than the one that they were assigned at birth are “transgender.”
Transgender is the state of one 's gender identity or gender expression not matching one 's assigned sex. The greatest misconception about people who are…
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