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Gender Identity Gender identity is an extremely relevant topic today. Many people have their own ideas on what is right and what is wrong for each gender to act, and these people are very vocal and opinionated about their ideas. One recent controversial story about gender identity was when a couple refused to tell anybody whether their child named Storm was a boy or a girl. Their oldest child, Jazz, who was originally born male, “always gravitated to dresses, the colour pink and opted for long hair often fixed into braids” (Poisson, 2013). Jazz now asks to be called “she”, and her experiences with gender identity are what inspired her parents to raise Storm as a gender neutral child. People were so upset over this decision that it sparked…show more content…
During this stage comes the Oedipus complex which in his theory is a significant part of child development. Before the Oedipus stage, there is only the direct relationship between the child and the mother. When the Oedipus stage arrives, the father comes into play (Flitterman-Lewis, 1992, p. 205). The same sex parent becomes a rival for the child because the child desires the parent of the opposite sex, but the same sex parent is in the way. From fear of castration, a boy will repress his desires for his mother and identify with the father and therefore develop masculine traits. The girl realizes she is already castrated and represses her desires for her father and identifies with the mother, causing her to have feminine traits. Although this theory seems sexist, Flitterman-Lewis justifies Freud’s theory by saying that the Oedipus complex signifies the transformation of the child developing its own identity as part of society. She also claims that the fear of castration and the Oedipus complex are “symbols for the way in which a given culture imposes its rules and order on all of us” (Flitterman-Lewis, 1992, p. 206), and that a child develops their identity as a result of these imposed rules. In response to Freud’s theory, Jacques Lacan developed his own theory where the unconscious “is structured like a language”

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