Gender Impacts Of Gender Influence On Gender And Gender

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INTRODUCTION Gender is a set of behavioural norm of the masculine or feminine characteristics. It is performative in nature and is largely determined by child’s upbringing. The term became popular in 1980’s. This terminology ‘Gender’ has great association with geography as gender is being influenced by society and culture as these cultures tends to vary over space. So, the gender role also tends to change over space. Gender relation varies across nations in terms of women’s subordination and male power domination. Therefore, it can be said that culture builds up gender and gender is influenced and in turn influence space. In geography, studies relating to culture basically focus on culturally determined human activities, impact of human activities on environment and human organization on space. In all manners of human geographers from economic to political, from urban to regional, from feminist to Marxist – culture has become primary focal point of study. Denis Cosgrove and Peter Jackson (1987:99) argue that culture should be understood as “the medium through which people transform the phenomena of material world into a world of significant symbols to which they give meaning and attach value” & hence culture is the very medium through which charge is experienced, contested and constituted on as Jackson (1982:22). Culture is the “level at which social groups develop distinct patterns of life” and hence “maps of meaning through which the world is made intelligible”.
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