Gender In Theban Play Of Antigone

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Sophocles’ Theban Play of Antigone is a tragic story how an arrogant king loses everyone he loves by forsaking the burial of a traitor. Antigone wishes not to be defined by her gender, but rather as a person and by her words and actions.
Antigone is a strong willed woman who questions authority in a time when women were expected to be civil and obedient. Ismene is the image of a perfect girl who is beautiful, obedient, and timid, while Antigone is confident and refuses to conform to the stereotypical woman who is servant to men. “Will you lift up his body with these bare hands / and lower it with me? Antigone questions her dutiful sister (52-53). Ismene is uneasy about break the law and questions, “What? You’d bury him / when a law forbids
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