Gender Income Gap

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Gender Income Gap
Diane Smith
ENG 122 English Composition II
Instructor Stephanie Derisi
August 30, 2014

Gender Income Gap In American society today there is an imbalance in the gender income gap between men and women in the work force. Many factors such as discrimination, productivity, educational background and disproportional hours worked contribute to this ongoing challenge. While many are skeptical, others remain to have strong beliefs that women and men are treated equally. In most professions according to Glynn “women only earn seventy seven cents for every dollar earned by men” (2014). Although, the seventy seven cents figure does not accurately reflect gender discrimination, it does capture some discrimination,
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Moreover, evaluators are more prone to assess groups of people rather than as individuals, basing their decisions on group stereotypes instead of individual past performances on a job, skills and abilities. Goldin research suggests that “some would claim that earnings differences for the same position are due to actual discrimination” (Goldin, 2014). According to Hayes, a bias still exists as there is not a state of the union that pays women the same wage as men, dollar for dollar (2012). Undeniably, discrimination can have a significant impact on females as employers base their decisions on irrelevant information, placing women in groups instead of evaluating them through past job experiences, educational background, credentials and their ability to perform the tasks required. Discrimination based on appearances and characteristics rather than their ability is detrimental to a woman’s potential to perform the same job functions as a men. Women can be mentally, emotionally and physically affected by this type of gender discrimination. Women can develop depression, suffer from malnutrition as they may stop eating and suffer from the anxieties of pursuing meaningful employment, thus, preventing them from seeking and obtaining career-oriented and higher paying occupations. Other issues that women face is productivity in the workplace paired with long hours worked, as this fluctuates greatly between women and men. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, makes
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