Gender Inequalities And Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequalities in

Judge Sonia Sotomayor states, “Until we get equality in education, we won 't have an equal society. That quote resonates throughout the world because of gender inequality in education. Researchers believe gender inequality still exists in the 21st century. Through research, controversial opinions exist about inequality in schools and what has been done to address this situation. What is gender equality? Gender inequality refers to disproportionate dealing or assessments of individuals based on their gender.
Schools, culture, and society are affected by gender inequality. Therefore, one must look at these entities to find the cause and perhaps the solution to a growing problem.

Researchers (Legewie 2012) have accused schools of perpetuating gender inequalities. Moreover, schools have affected gender differences because today 's classrooms suit girls instead of boys by the classroom structure.
Gender inequality is having harmful consequences for children. For instance, boys are having a difficult time remaining on task with literacy instruction, constantly in trouble with their teacher and has a greater chance of being expelled because of undesirable behavior.
In the primary grades the literacy practices in the early years and that as a result, boys are victimized, and constructions of literacy are disregarded. Furthermore, more female than masculine teachers. Boys do not have an active male role model while at school and they are
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