Gender Inequalities And Gender Inequality

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Gender inequalities have been around since the beginning of time, and it has been a long and bumpy road to achieve the amount of equality that we have today. Still everyday women have the risk of being discriminated against for simply being women. Depending on where these women live, what the predominate culture in the area is, and the amount of education that is allowed affects their risk of being discriminated against and the severity of the act itself. Discrimination can be displayed in forms such as segregation, wage gap, harassment and many more. Abusive practices, against women happen daily and can be justified through cultural practices but never can justify depriving a person’s basic human rights. Many cultures carry some sort of female discrimination inside of their rudimentary values ranging from a girl’s access to education to a woman’s right to drive or even be considered a citizen within her own state. In contrast, these cultural practices many times are not seen as harsh gender inequality to some women of such culture. Many of these practices haven’t taken place for thousands of years and are no longer seen as discriminatory, but as general everyday events that should be practiced to maintain a healthy balance in her own culture. Every year 63 million girls are denied their right of basic education to inform them on the harsh inequalities that take place inside their everyday life. The women who are educated rarely are allowed to voice any opinion or fight…
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