Gender Inequality And Ethnic Inequality

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To begin with, it might be necessary to define the terms of Gender inequality and ethnic inequality in employment. While gender disadvantage refers to the prejudicial treatment of an individual or group based solely on issues of gender (Robert, 2008); ethnic inequality indicates the unfair distribution of opportunities and resources between the majority white and ‘black and minority ethnic groups’ in the labour market. The two issues have been rooted in the job market for long, and despite recent progress of improvement, the issues remain and probably have evolved into more covert and complex forms. In the following context, the two kinds of disadvantages will firstly be introduced respectively, together with reasons behind the scene; yet, acknowledge the relevance of gender differences to ethnic inequality, the explanations given for BME group’s predicament will be aware of the overlaps between gender and ethnicity issues; a brief conclusion will also be provided in the final part, however, given the complexity of the picture, for example, the extent to which women and men from different ethnic groups experience disadvantages varies (Vittachi, 2011), it is hard to generalise and any predictions about future prospect may not be realized.

The Position of Women in the Labour Market
Over the last 40 years, women have achieved great success in gaining their equalities in the workplace, this view is particularly advocated by a stream of feminists called Liberal…
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