Gender Inequality And Gender Discrimination

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In the summer of 2014, 40 of the top female soccer players in the world announced that they are taking a stand against FIFA and the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association), stating that they are prepared to file a lawsuit against the companies. The tension throughout this lawsuit has been building for many years now. At the heart of the argument is the fact that next year’s women’s world cup is planned to take place on artificial turf instead of real grass. (McIntyre 2014). Gender inequality/discrimination is to deny equal rights to one group of people based on their gender. (Bonvillain and Miller 2013: 42). Based on this definition, the women have a very solid case. Forcing the female players to play on the turf field, while the men play on real grass that costs more to uphold and take care of, is treating them inadequately and less important* than the male soccer players. Continuing the trend in our society of male dominance.
The anger of the female soccer players is not solely based on the fact that their male counterparts play on grass and them on turf, but more so that organizations such as FIFA and the CSA treat them this way on a constant basis. More money is required to replace and maintain a soccer field made of grass, to have it looking up to par after every game. FIFA and the CSA would much rather conserve that money for the male players. This is because they believe more people are going to be coming to watch the males, rather than “waste” those funds on the females…
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